Mission statement

To inspire and develop emerging young artists through challenging performance opportunities while operating within a nurturing and individualized training environment.  

TYP embodies the historical ensemble “troupe” ideology where we train our young artists and select from them to cast our professional productions.  As such, there are never any production fees to perform and we offer our actors paid roles.  Training is available to all ages and levels and there is NO pre-requisite to begin!

The Inspiration Behind TYP

More than a school, more than a theater...


TYP was founded by Jessica Couto and Jordan Miller in response to their vision for a need for a new kind of theater to bridge the gap between youth community theatre and professional theatre.  With their equal passion for performing and for teaching, Jessica and Jordan began by creating a private teaching studio that in a short time grew to inspire them to found a theatre and private arts school specifically dedicated to nurturing the talents and abilities of young performers.  With their emphasis on craft, individual needs of each student, and their mutual belief that "Talent" is merely a capacity and will to learn, they embrace all skill levels and find the individual means to bring out the artistry in each and every member of TYP.    

Jessica Couto


Artistic Director 

Jordan Miller