Eli Dilbeck


Eli has learned and grown so much from working with Jessica and Jordan!  -Leslie Dilbeck 

Sam Bennet


Thanks for all you have done to help Sam attain his goals in developing his acting, vocal and dance skills. He just landed another great part, and you are to thank for that! Your audition prep and Encouragement is awesome (not to mention the reasonable fees)! THANK YOU!!!  ~ Jen Bennet 

Christen Blair-Horne


"I've coached opera arias and monologues with Jordan Miller and can't really put into words just how valuable that time was. I know that's not really USEFUL in a review haha but THAT'S HOW GOOD IT IS.  Seriously, if you've done your homework and you're ready to dig deeper, get in there. Show up prepared, be ready to work, play, and learn a TON. "  -Christen Blair-Horne, Soprano

Tess Maretz


"Jessica and Jordan are incredible teachers and mentors!"~ Heidi Skuba Maretz.

Makena and Sabrina Summers


"When you surprise your Teacher and show up to His Show!!! Big Fish was awesome!!! Jordan Miller tonight's show was amazing. You were by far the most intriguing and entertaining actor on stage. Pleasure that these two have and continue to work with you. Completely honored!" ~ Brandy Summers

Sydney Hagler (on left)


It has truly been A BLESSING to work with Jessica Couto!!! She encourages her students every step of the way. She helps them grow as singers and actors. Sydney has been blessed to work with her in "Mary Poppins," "Lion King, Jr," "Seussical," and "Jungle Book." We look forward to many more lessons and productions with her." ~ Tinika Hagler 

Malgorzata Wieteszka-Slocomb


I know the Founders, Jessica and Jordan, and I can tell you that these two are not only super talented theatre professionals, but they are also super passionate about teaching the craft and sheer joy of Theatre to our young thespians in San Diego! -Malgorzata Wieteszka-Slocomb

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